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Schafer & Associates, CPA is Florence's #1 tax firm for individual and business tax planning services. Backed by decades of industry-driven experience and a team of professional tax consultants & advisors, we help you make sound decisions. 

As your trusted Tax planning and tax filing advisor, we provide flexible and the best services with the utmost professionalism. 


A specialist tax adviser plays an important role in handling taxes for individuals and businesses. The professional tailors tax planning strategies and tax planning/filing services to suit the specific needs of you or your business. 

Located in Florence in South Carolina, Schafer & Associates is a leading tax firm that assists you handle your financial affairs in all 50 states. We don’t let you settle and provide fully-integrated solutions online with the utmost flexibility. 


Our major objective is to help our clients save big when planning or filing their taxes. We understand the urgency of tax planning, so we help you plan today and minimize your future tax burdens.


We are Florence's #1 tax firm, which means you can expect nothing less than the utmost professionalism in tax planning and tax filing. Backed by years of experience and a team of tax experts, we are dedicated to providing each of our clients with personalized attention. 

Whether it’s tax strategies, tax planning, or tax filing, we provide the best services with the utmost professionalism. 


We are a highly responsive tax firm. Whether you are a big organization or a small business, Schafer & Associates has competent advice to resolve all your tax-related queries. 

Check out our different service pages to find out more about how we can help you with your tax planning and tax filing requirements. We offer our services in all 50 states. 

Through hard work and responsiveness, we’ve earned the respect of our clients. This respect is the result of our diverse range of services, talented professionals, dedication, and responsiveness.


Founded years ago, Schafer & Associates is headquartered in W.Palmetto Street, STE 103 Florence. Since the beginning, our mission has been to help businesses and individuals resolve their tax problems. Over the years, we have evolved to become a full-service company that you can hire for tax planning, employee-self service, accounting, workers’ comp insurance, payroll services, multiple schedules and pay rates, online employee setup, etc.


To meet the demands of modern businesses and ease the tax filing process, we have been offering all of our services online.

Let us help you grow and profit like never before. Call us today at 843-942-1777 for a FREE QUOTE.

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