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We offer a complete consultation, explaining which programs are available, how to apply and MOST IMPORTANTLY how to stay compliant and qualify for DEBT FORGIVENESS.

While these programs look like a CASH GRAB, they are just loans until you qualify for DEBT FORGIVENESS. We are here to help make sure you get the RIGHT LOANS for you business and we MAKE SURE you stay compliant for DEBT FORGIVENESS.

Services offered:

SBA Financial Support Consulting - We help you choose the right programs for your business. 

COVID-19 Payroll Tax Credits - We make sure you capture the payroll tax credits you are entitled to. 

Cash Payments To Businesses In Distress - We help you complete the loan paperwork so you don't leave any money on the table.

Tax Extension Packages & Pricing - We help you keep the capital where it is needed.

Cash Management & Forecasting - We make sure that loan proceeds you receive are being utilized in the best possible way. 

Debt Forgiveness Compliance  - We make sure you know how to stay compliant for debt forgiveness.  

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