Tax Planning Services

The Best Business Tax Planning Strategies and Planning Services

Thinking about how, to begin with, tax planning strategies? Of course, we understand that it strictly follows the financial management calendar. Now that simply means that you have never to leave it at the end of the financial year. We are here to assist you with timely and pertinent tax planning services - to help minimize your annual taxes, optimize earning opportunities, and maximize rebate entitlements. 

At Schafer & Associates, CPA, we ensure to be completely confident with our process of business tax planning services. Every action taken is followed by sound and established minimization actions aligning well with capital gains tax, payroll tax, income tax, and fringe benefits tax legislation

Know What We Offer In Our Tax Planning Services?

Our team of certified public accountants will help you understand how every financing, spending, and investment decision you make from the beginning of the financial year till the last date can directly influence your tax accountability. Your business can retain more funds for a better future through any of our tax planning services near you. Here is how we allow businesses to be more promising with our tax planning:


  • Build opportunities for business expansion

  • Manage cash flow in a better way 

  • Protect your business assets 

  • Fulfill audit requirements

  • Understand all the rebate entitlements 


  • Make sure tax compliance is in progress 

  • Promote economical accounting practices

  • Streamlining annual financial statements preparation 

  • Attach R&D concessions 

  • Precisely structure your finances to promote growth 

  • Avail of every applicable tax incentive.


Whether you are an established trust, sole trader, company limited by guarantee, growing partnership, international enterprise, or a non-profit organization, Schafer & Associates expert accountants can tailor tax planning strategies that will authorize you to feel financially secure and keep your eyes on the future while liberating you from the hectic paperwork.


In addition, we make sure to help you make the most of income protection premiums, tax-effective investments, maximum funding contributions, deductible annuities and pensions, and deductions you are legally entitled to.  



Want Our Experts To Guide You More About Tax Planning Services? 

Our accredited and professional accountants would be more than happy to work with your enterprise to create a tax plan that allows your business existing acquisitions and assets to be employed in the most tax-efficient manner. Contact Schafer & Associates, CPA, to arrange an initial appointment via phone at 843-942-1777. Let’s get started with optimizing more financial opportunities for your business.